Thursday, July 25, 2013

How I Started My Own Porn Site

I made $20,000.00 last month off my porn sites. Go check yourself for the companies that make porn sites. If you find a better company then Teleteria please let me know. I checked them and they all suck compared to Teleteria in my opinion. They dont own their own porn sites so how do they know what works? How do they know how to market them? Answer: They dont. Teleteria has owned their own sites since 1994, they know. A 100,000,000.00 company asked them to bring them into the business and you can read the article on Teleteria. The WSJ does not keep archives on their site and this article goes back to 2001. Jay Servidio was on G4 TV> There are NO articles written about the other companies that build porn sites. There are NO tv appearances by other companies. There are NO invitations for them to speak at trade shows and conferences and Jay has spoken at conferences all over the world. My sites make money because I did the work. Get a site and do the work. Good luck. William P Boston Mass.